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Latest version of  Universal Shim Calc ____________________________________

Version 1.4 (25.12.2009)

Some changes in report file generation

Universal_shim_calc_v1.4.zip  ZIP
Universal_shim_calc_v1.4.rar  RAR
Universal_shim_calc_v1.4.exe  EXE

Short description:

The programm - universal shim calculator for Honda, Suzuki, Kawasaki and Yamaha. This prog helps you to calculate thickness and interchangebility of your engine shims. It can save your money because you don't need to buy additional shims.
This prog finally gives you the list of shims you have to buy (with partnumbers) and also shows you what shims you can interchange in your engine

Here is list of currently supported motorcycles:
7.48mm shims:
CRF150R, CRF250R/X, NX250, CB1 400, CBR600F2/F3/F4, CBR600RR, RC30, RC45, 750 Magna 94-03, VFR750, VFR800,
CBR900/929/954, CB919, CBR1000RR, CBR1100XX, ST1100, ST1300, GL1800, NP50 Ruckus, ARX1200 Aquatrax
9.48mm shims:
CRF450R/X, TRX450R, RC51, VTR1000
25mm shims
CB750C/F/K/SC, CB900C, CB1000C, CB1100F, CBX
7.48mm shims:
YZ250F, WR250F, FZR400, FZR600, YZF600, YZF-R6, YZF750, FZ1, FZR1000 (89 & later), GTS1000, YZF1000, YZF-R1,
Watercraft - FX1000, VX110 0925-0010
9.48mm shims:
TT250 99, WR400, YZ400, YZ426, WR426, WR450, YZ450, YFZ450, TDM850, FJR1300
25mm shims:
SRX250, XT250, TT350, XT350, XJ600, XVZ12, XVZ13, V-MAX, FJ1100, FJ1200, XVZ1300
7.48mm shims:
KXF250, ZX600, ZX-6R, EX250, KL250, KLX250, KLX300, ZX750 91-03, ZX-9R, W650, Z750, Z1000, ZX-10R
9.48mm shims:
KLX400, ZX750H, ZX-7 89-90, VN800 & VN900 VULCAN, ZX-10 88-90, ZX-11, GPZ1100 95-97, ZRX1100, ZRX1200,
ZX1200, ZX-12, Watercraft - JT1200 STX12F, JT1500 STX15F
13mm shims:
KZ650, KZ550, ZX550, ZR550, KZ700, ZN700, KZ750, ZR7, ZR750, ZR1100, ZX750, ZX1100, ZZR1200
7.48mm shims:
RMZ250, DRZ250, GSXR600, GSXR750 93-02, SV650, DL650, RF900, GSXR1000, GSXR1100 93-98, Bandit 1250,GSX1400
9.48mm shims:
DRZ400, LTZ400, 600 KATANA 92-97, GSXR750 91-92, GSXR1100 91-92, TL1000, SV1000, DL1000, Hayabusa
29.5mm shims:
GS400, GS425, GS450, GS550, GS650, GS750, GS850, GS1000, GS1100, XN85, GS500, GR650
and in file, a larger list: Model_Listing.xls  and this is far not full list of supported models :)

   For succesfull work with this program you need to measure clearances in each valve and figure out shim numbers ( or measure thicknesses) and measure shim diameter
   As a result, you'll have list of new shims with partnumbers for purchasing from
Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki and Suzuki part supplyer. Program also calculates deviation in clearances after installing new shims (just for check).

Also very usefull feature of the program is "interchange " algorythm, which uses removed shims to
install where they fits, so it is not necessary to buy all new shims, we can use old ones ;)

   Suggestions and comments you can send me at gonim@mail.ru
   If you want and can send me some coins as "thank you!!" (for beer :) ), here my electronic wallets:


P.S. Sorry for spelling and grammar. I'm not linguist rather engineer

Some screenshots as example of program layout :)

Main window (note, English language can be selected by clicking on UK flag at right top corner of main window)


Shim placement and interchange window


Report text will be something like that:



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